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Welcome to Correllation, a unique, innovative company based in Essex, offering solutions to businesses.

Whatever your business problem, Correllation can help you. Our team is innovative and dynamic - forget the box, the receptacle we think outside of hasn't been invented yet! We come at problems from a totally new perspective, turning established thought on its head and delivering solutions that are creative and scaleable, on time and on budget. We know that one size definitely does not fit all. We can save you time, money and resources using the expertise and knowledge we have gathered during more than 20 years in our relevant fields.

Our core beliefs are:

Preparation - firm foundations are key. Start as you mean to go on, whether you be a start up business or an established business embarking on a new business sales lead generation campaign.

Imagination - creative thought processes. Our unique way of looking at your business problems means we can provide solutions that will work where others have failed.

Innovation - cutting edge. We thrive on being told it's impossible. That word isn't in our vocabulary. We have visibility of products and business services that haven't yet come to market, so we can tailor solutions that future-proof your business.

Consultation - right hand man. With over 20 years experience in sales & marketing, business strategy, solution design and development, specialising in increasing revenues and profits for start-ups through to SMEs, David can bring his expertise to your business on a consultant basis on a short or long term, one-off or recurring contract, bcoming an invaluble member of your team.

Communication - modern expressionism. People love to talk, businesses need to talk and we love to listen. We can provide the communications solution you are looking for, from hardware, hosted telephony, virtual numbering, SIP and traditional on-site PBXs. We'll get you talking!

Collaboration - working together. We really take the time to understand what you need - this may not be the same as what you think you need! We see our relationship with all of our clients as a real partnership and pride ouselves on the personal touch we can deliver.

Transformation - revolutionary change. We can revolutionise your business, improving productivity and profitability, streamlining your business processes.

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