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People like to talk. Businesses need to talk. Correllation loves to listen and can give you the platform to talk.

We have experience in sourcing, designing, delivering and managing telephony solutions based purely on the needs of the customer. We won't demand you go for a traditional onsite PBX, we won't demand you go for the latest trend Hosted VoIP Solution. We will work with you and understand what you need as a business and then present the best option available to you.
We can supply, install and manage traditional onsite PBXs such as Avaya and Mitel. You may be, however, one of the many organisations that are considering the migration to a hosted IP telephony environment once your legacy systems reach the end of their life.
Correllation understands converged networks and how telephony can fit into your business processes, so, through a consultative approach we can ensure that transition is seamless as possible.

Hosted VoIP
Cloud-based telephony guarantees security and reliability, enhanced with powerful multimedia collaboration features. Call costs are low, and adding capacity as your business grows is incredibly simple - with no additional hardware costs. Hosted VoIP offers dual site redundancy, too. That means robust protection against any possible hardware or connectivity issues.

With a host of benefits and features, hosted VoIP may be the best solution for your business. Correllation can identify if this is so and provide the service to you.

Pick up your voicemail on any device or have them automatically transcribed so you can see at a glance who the message was from and reply instantly. Send and receive instant messages whether you are engaged in an active call or not.

Don't let time and distance get in the way. Get together and create those all important business plans using the bespoke MeetMe audio conferencing capabilities. Use video and audio to talk easily, privately and securely.

Call Management
Choose where calls go and how they are received. Find call logs easily, and quickly store and search historical data. Enable the features you need including flexible and reliable routing control over multiple locations.

Use an online portal to manage your address book, view call logs and voicemail, set personal preferences including contact information, picture or office-hours, as well as configure and manage how calls are routed to you.

Advantages over traditional PBX
No huge upfront fees - per user per month billing
Reduced call charges - Free inter-office and site calls
No maintenance or upgrade fees - Maintenance and upgrades are completely free of charge
Simple Modularity - Build the system around your business & add as you grow one user or feature at a time with no setup costs
Eliminate phone technician delays - Make changes yourself with instant impact
Unlimited Scale and International Reach - Run thousands of users on the same system across the world
Network Quality Guarantee - Connect using our network and we guarantee performance
Plug & Play - We deliver the phone, plug it in and away you go

Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX may be the right solution for your business and Correllation will identify if this is the case. PBX s we offer:

Avaya IP Office
Avaya IP Office is suitable for companies or branch offices at home or internationally with less than 20 extensions, but can scale to support up to 1,000 users across 32 sites.
Multisite support
sites can be connected together with IP Office Preferred and Advanced editions with free calling between networked locations.

Full support for SIP
extend your VoIP solution into the public network using SIP Trunks for PSTN connectivity, reducing network costs and providing greater flexibility.

Support for hot desking
users can log in at any phone at any desk and be automatically presented with their configured profile, removing the need for a physical device for every user.

One number access
each user has a single number which can be routed to any device at any time at the touch of a button. Mobile and desk phone twinning allowing calls to ring simultaneously at both phones.

In-built conference bridge
allowing audio conferencing to be provided to all employees and removing the expense of external conferencing.

In-built voicemail
each user gets their own voicemail box that can be used to support their desk and mobile phones.

In-built auto-attendant
providing auto-attendant capability with easy-to-follow menus , taking the burden away from the reception function.

PC- based IP Office apps
providing soft-phone capabilities, enabling users to access calls logs, set up their own call routing profiles, call from corporate directories, consult colleague presence information, use Instant Messaging and benefit from a universal inbox for all communications.

Call recording
an in-built call recording option enables the recording of specific users or record-on-demand capabilities for executives. Both of these capabilities, along with voicemail can be encrypted.

Comprehensive end-point support
with IP, analogue, digital, wireless, DECT, Bluetooth and third party SIP phone support as well as full support for Norstar and BCM digital and IP phones.

VPN phone access
phones can be connected to any secure network end-point, so users can access your network from home or a remote office through secure VPN access and their phone is automatically configured onto the network.

Mitel 3300 IP Comms Platform
The Mitel 3300 ICP is a proven, resilient, converged communications platform that can add feature-rich IP communications and advanced user applications to your local and wide area networks, including international locations.

Readily scalable, the Mitel 3300 ICP can be configured and integrated into any corporate LAN/WAN infrastructure regardless of manufacturer to provide IP communications and applications access to users within a central office, remote satellite offices or working from home.

It also supports many advanced applications including mobility, team working, customer interaction and messaging. All are easily accessible via the industry's most extensive portfolio of desktop devices and are readily managed via web-based embedded system management capabilities.

Maintenance Contracts
Hardware Replacement
Break Fix
Onsite Engineer Support

SIP Trunks
Replacing ISDN lines with SIP Trunks can give your business flexibility and resilience. Correllation is on hand to advise your business and implement any changes required.
Benefits include:

Reduce the quantity of ISDN lines and save thousands of pounds in line rental with little or no upfront capital expenditure
Make significant cost savings on your voice traffic with no complicated discount structure or long term commitment
Boost the resiliency of your voice communications as part of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
Consolidate your communications supply and invoicing with a single bill and a dedicated customer service team
Enable flexible working in a controlled and manageable way while keeping the associated costs under control
Bring your voice service more in line with your other IT services

Significant savings can be made:
By replacing expensive ISDN phone lines with an IP connection between your existing PBX and our network.
Our flexible SIP Trunking service can deliver the benefits of Voice over IP to your existing PBX, or simply help drastically reduce your monthly line rental charges.
The internet is now being used as the primary communications infrastructure for most businesses and the natural progression is to use it to carry your inter-site voice traffic at no cost, or to replace expensive ISDN or PSTN phone lines.
Our SIP Trunks are compatible with a wide range of IP phone systems but as an alternative we can SIP-enable your existing PBX by implementing a gateway solution, without having to make any changes to your hardware.

Virtual Numbering
Correllation can offer a wide variety of different types of numbers, depending on the requirements of your business. You will have a dedicated account manager - our industry leading customer service is an integral part of the Correllation experience. Numbering solutions we provide include:

01 and 02 Virtual Local Numbers
Be "local" in any UK town or city using Correllation cloud based Local Numbers. Most people prefer to call a business that's local, particularly if they're calling a tradesperson, shop or a taxi company. Local numbers can help build trust and they'll also save money for your customers, as calls to 01/02 numbers are often included for free in landline and mobile packages.

0800 Freephone Numbers
Use 0800 Freephone Numbers for your business and receive more calls. Widely used for more than 30 years, 0800 Numbers are well known and trusted by callers. They can provide a professional image and a competitive edge. Talk about customer friendly! 0800 numbers are free to call from UK mobiles (since 2015) and UK landlines. They also enable you to increase your business's reach with a number that's not specific to a local town or area in the UK.

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